Our Approach

Our Primary Goal is to help small business owners Grow their business.  Our intention is to put our members website in front of as many people as possible and provide our members with the resources available to turn as many of those prospects  into leads as possible.

Our Story

In November 2017,  I joined a home business, a mlm, as my team grew i realized that i wanted to help them grow by doing more than just teaching them what and how to post ads.  I started building capture pages (opt’ins) for my team, then for their friends, and over time… anyone that needed them and i started charging $10 a month.  But after a while i felt like i could do more, and i realized that the one thing we all had in common was, “We needed Leads”.  At this point, InternetWealth4U was born.  It doesn’t matter what business your in, you want and need customers!  Contact Me and lets find out what I can do to help!

Jason Bradley

Founder & CEO

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