Our Approach

Our Primary Goal is to help people.  Crowdfunding is a way for like minded individuals to gather together and leverage money into helping each other raise the funds needed to start a business, go on vacation, buy a house, pay the rent, or anything else you may need to raise funds for.

Our Story

In November 2017,  I joined a home business, a mlm, as my team grew i realized that i wanted to help them grow by doing more than just teaching them what and how to post ads.  I started building capture pages (opt’ins) for my team, then for their friends, and over time… anyone that needed them and i started charging $10 a month.  But after a while i felt like i could do more, and i realized that the one thing we all had in common was, “We needed Leads”.  At this point, InternetWealth4U was born.  As I started the process of owning my own business I got into crowdfunding, this was another way I can help people.  So i worked day and night going over other platforms pay plans and designing my own…  Eventually, I came up with a payplan that nobody can fail in.  A payplan where nobody loses money guaranteed!!!  A series of matrixes running in intervals to position people differently within each matrix and creating the funds needed for ALL.

Jason Bradley

Founder & CEO


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